Clemens, McNamee Hearing

February 13, 2008

I got home early today, so I’m going to put up some interesting bits I gather from’s live stream. There’ll be periodic updates.

2:41: It’s over now. The closing remarks called the comments made throughout the hearing “robust”, and that was… um… one way to put it.’s commenters just said the same thing. It was pretty heated, and there were a lot of people–a few congressmen and one congresswoman, I noted, especially–who wanted to talk for more time than they were allowed. It almost reminded me of debates in my history class, where some kids couldn’t care less and others were completely into it.

2:31: Congressman Shays and another congressman (I missed who–stupid finicky volume) just blatantly called McNamee a drug dealer. Several times. The second congressman also asked why McNamee had said that he was simply catering to athletes even when McNamee knew the things he was being asked to do were fully illegal. McNamee didn’t really give a satisfactory answer.

2:12: Clemens just read a statement from his wife saying that McNamee had approached her (she was not sure when, exactly, it was), while Roger was not around, and mentioned that HGH could be used to retain youthfulness. He asked if he could give her a “test shot”, and she said yes. He left to go to the airport, and later thta night, had troubles with circulation. She trusted him because he was a professional with a PhD. Clemens said she was “broken up over this. For–a long time.” He also said she feels like “a pawn”.

1:42: Rep. Bruce Braley just asked Clemens if he was anemic, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, senile, (that got some chuckles from the room), vegetarian, or vegan. He denied the first three but paused after vegan and confessed he didn’t know what “vegan” was. (The question was posed to ask why Clemens might have taken B12, which is mostly prescribed for people with these conditions.)

Around 1:20:

“This man has never given me HGH or growth horomone.”

Human growth hormone or growth hormone, Mr. Clemens? You’re quite sure?