I’m sure you all care about this stuff.

The name’s Liza.

I’m still too young to legally drive in MA.

I like baseball, horseback riding, reading, blogging, net-surfing, photography, and baseball.

I’ve been a baseball fan since ’03, when my brother did little league and I did the box scores because I was still too young to be left at home alone for two hours.

I admittedly stopped paying attention to the Sox in ’06 because of The Betrayal (I’m looking at you, Johnny Demon).

I have a thing for Jacoby Ellsbury but did before I knew how good-looking he was, and still would even if he messed up his pretty face making a catch.

My secret ambition is to be a freelance photographer and take pictures at Red Sox games.

3 Responses to “Me”

  1. Hey Liza. This is Justin’s wife. I loved your little blog. 😉 Very cute. He does have a younger brother named Jon! He’s just as sweet. Have a good day. God bless.

  2. yeah i kinda agree with you. He is cute. Do you know anything else about him?

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