Let’s Go Mets! Wait, What?

February 25, 2008

Nah, I’m not a Mets fan. But I was sure surrounded by them on Friday.

I was planning on seeing the Sox, as I mentioned before, but it didn’t work out. Instead, I went to Port St. Lucie to see the Mets. I also wanted to see the Marlins and Cardinals at Jupiter, but they packed up just as we arrived (boo! I wanted to see Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez!).

Back to the Mets.

Yes, I saw this guy in person.

Yes, it was amazing.

Yes, he will be batting this year (HAHAHAHAHA. Ahem).

This kind of blew my mind. I totally fangirled. It was a bit humiliating in retrospect.

Seeing David Wright was pretty awesome, too–he almost gave me a high-five, but a Mets fan barged in front of me and put his hand where mine was. Ugh. (He is, for the record, extremely extremely extremely good-looking in person.) I also almost got into an argument with a Mets fan over who was better, Wright or Lowell. You can probably guess my position.

I even got to see Ruddy Lugo, the younger Lugo brother! I wanted to shout, “Say hi to Julio for me!” but I didn’t–on account of the Mets fans who would glare at me, mostly, and also because he was a bit far away to really hear me.

Yeah–I took about 120 pictures all together, deleted 30 of them (all too blurry, badly shot, etc), and liked these ones, pretty much. I also got some video of Santana throwing live BP–to David Wright, no less, but I didn’t realize that until after he’d walked away (stupid! stupid!).

7 Responses to “Let’s Go Mets! Wait, What?”

  1. bosoxgirl said

    Liza, Nice pictures, look at it this way you did get to see Spring Training, just not the one you really wanted to. There is always next year. I know you said in your other thread you weren’t old enough to drive, maybe next year you will be or someone will want to drive you to Ft. Myers. I am guessing you are from Mass. and you have gone to Fenway? I envy you if you have, I want to go soooo bad.

  2. Liza said

    Yeah, I’m from around Boston. I’ve been to Fenway a few times (maybe 4 or 5) and plan to go some more this year. And I’m totally glad to see any spring training at all–although I do sort of wish I got to see the Sox. I’m especially interested in some of the prospects, Masterson especially, and of course Jacoby. ^_^

  3. bosoxgirl said

    Lucky you, I would really like to see Fenway. Maybe some day I will get up there. I got Jacoby’s autoghraph when we were in Ft. Myers. Super nice, Him and Coco came out to sign. I wish I could go back to Spring Training, We have tickets for one the the games, they will be playing the Devil Rays. I can’t wait. I bet it’s cold there where you are at huh? It’s going to get in the 30’s I think tonite here.

  4. Liza said

    It’s actually upper 30s right now, and I don’t think it’ll dip much into the 20s. And did you know, the Tampa Bay organization is making anyone affiliated with the team who calls them the DEVIL Rays put a dollar in the “Devil Bin”? It was a throwaway line in the Globe that I thought was hilarious.

  5. bosoxgirl said

    It’s hard to break old habits…

    I like my warm weather, I get cold way to easy. I don’t like when it drops below 75. I have a friend who lives in N. Attleboro, we grew up together. One day I will get up there.

    Anyway it was good talking to you and I am sure we will talk again. I am new here and once I learn how to use everything I will put my pictures up. Any suggestions??

  6. Liza said

    I know. I keep going, “De–I mean, Rays…”

    Nothing in particular, by way of suggestions–just write what you think and have pictures to go along with it!

    Nice talking to you too 🙂

  7. Mike said

    Excellent picture of Pedro and Santana together. Two sure-fire HOF’ers.

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