Some reasons why I love Jacoby Ellsbury

February 9, 2008

Image from

“I see him as a .340, 210-hit, 50-stolen-base guy–by ’09. I see him as being a transcendent player, an all-star player.”

-Bob Ryan

After his stellar game 3 of the World Series–4-for-5, including 3 doubles, two in one inning–during his press conference, there were a few priceless, adorable rookie moments.

One was that he began talking sitting up ramrod-straight, and talked for maybe 20 seconds like that before realizing nobody could hear him and leaned forward to talk into the mike.

Another was at the very end, right as he was leaving. The woman who was directing the whole affair said, “Thank you for coming in.” He just sort of looks around, not understanding that it’s over. “Thank you, Jacoby,” the woman repeats. He looks around more. He looks kind of confused. “That’s good. Thank you.” He suddenly gets it, leans forward as if to speak into the mike again, smiles embarrassedly, and hurries away.

After the Santana deal was finalized, he said he’s “happy to be a Red Sock.” Well, Jacoby, I’m happy you know your singular from your plural.

And, um…

No idea where this one’s from.

Or this one.

Image from 

Don’t know where this one came from either.

Image from… in case you couldn’t tell or anything.

Or, uh, this one.

Is it just me or could he be a model in that last one?


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